Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Unconventional Wedding Registry Ideas

We all know how a conventional wedding registry is supposed to go. You register for china dishes that will sit on display in cabinets, fancy silverware you’ll use once and then decide you don’t want to have to hand-wash everything again, and a stand mixer that might see use once or twice a year. There’s the obligatory toaster and a few other single-use appliances, maybe a sheet set and some placemats if you’re feeling exceptionally saucy. In short, the traditional wedding registry was meant to be a collection of very practical, very dull gifts to help a bride and groom set up a house together. But let’s be realistic: statistically speaking, you and your partner are probably already living together and getting along fine without yet another toaster. So why not have some fun with your wedding registry? Here are a few ways to jazz up your gift selection:
Crowd fund a Car
Say you and your partner have a special need that trumps getting pretty but not overly useful wedding gifts. Why not set up a cash fund to help? It could be a down payment on a house, repair work on the house you bought without knowing it had a leaky roof, or even just a second car to get one of you to work. Sites like “My Registry” make it easy to set up those cash funds that let guests contribute to something meaningful in your life instead of buying you a pricey knick-knack.

Buy Activities on your Honeymoon
The wedding registry site “Honeyfund” has a great take on the wedding registry: why not let guests contribute toward making your honeymoon an even more awesome experience than it already will be? You don’t want to come home from your vacation saying, “I wish we had tried the zip line/parasailing/SCUBA lessons, but they were so expensive and we spent so much just getting here…”  Your guests want your honeymoon to be the best it can be, so let them lend a hand.

Meaningful Media
In lieu of gifts, we’ve seen some wedding couples ask their guests to bring a music CD (or vinyl), book, or movie that means something to the guests personally. It’s a great way to get pointed toward pop culture you might not otherwise encounter, and it’ll give you something to listen to, read, or watch on your flight to your honeymoon destination.

Wedding Components
Though this is isn’t very common, there’s nothing quite as cool as letting your guests chip in on some of the wedding activities. This can be something small like buying the longest lasting wedding sparklers available or something large like paying for the reception hall rental. Whatever you happen to need, your guests will probably be more than happy to share the cost for your benefit.

Charitable Giving
There are some couples who are really uncomfortable receiving gifts when there is so much need in the world. If you’ve been feeling conflicted about having a registry at all, consider setting up a registry that enables guests to give to charities in your name. With the “I Do Foundation” website, you can choose which charities your guests can donate to in the name of your wedding, and the foundation will generate a link you can include in your invitations or save-the-dates where guests can donate.

If you’re just setting up house with your partner, a traditional registry might be the way to go. If you have all the home goods you need, one of these less conventional options can make sure your guests get a chance to celebrate you and give something that’s relevant and will be cherished.


Breaking Down The Numbers: Threatwave’s Threat Intelligence and Threat Research Data Feeds

At ThreatWave we love threat intelligence and threat research.  We especially love spam data.  On average, we process approximately 80,000,000 spam emails per day that are sourced from over 20,000,000 domain names.  These spam messages are broken apart, analyzed, and sorted to into different data feeds, which are then passed to our partners via keyword filters or by API.  These threat data feeds provide the information needed by cybersecurity companies to defend against constantly evolving online threats.

Every day, our data feed is used by threat researchers, SOC teams, cyber security platforms, market intelligence companies, anti-malware systems, anti-phishing programs and more. By leveraging the largest sensor network in the world we’ve been able to protect brands, fight the bad guys, and clean up the Internet all at the same time. 

For more info on how we can help you identify your online threats, provide brand protection, or leverage our data for your market intelligence, please contact us at



Monday, 15 June 2015

The Benefits of Headlamps

The purpose of some high quality devices is that of making your tasks easier to complete and to get you out of some trouble situations. These are basic aspects considered by companies that created such products; besides, they are constantly improved. So, you are free to make the best choice when deciding to buy them. This is why one of the most important of such tools to be considered, would be the 1800lm Cree XM-L T6 LED Zoomable Headlamp

It is very different from a normal LED flashlight; it has very useful and unique characteristics. While using it, you have the great advantage of both hands free so that you can easily complete your task.

These headlamps can handle very well any kind of task no matter how difficult or strange it may seem. Another big advantage is that you cannot possibly drop it, as you carry it on your head. They are extremely practical for mechanic or people who need to get under their car for doing some repair work.

They are definitely better than LED flashlights or normal incandescent headlamps because of their special bulbs which ensure whiter and brighter light. Besides, their energy-efficient feature makes them consume much less power in creating the same amount of light, so that the battery can last longer and the user can enjoy a relatively longer illumination.

The most frequent question however is related to the difference between these new-type headlamps and the normal LED flashlights; they are both reliable and consume less energy. Well, the huge difference consists of the advantage to have both hands free while completing your task. You can adjust dimensions in order to get a safe hold on your head independently of your position during your work and you can also modify the light angle as you prefer. I think these are very clear benefits of such devices. These devices allow you to modify the intensity of light when they reflect on some bright surfaces so that you won’t get blinded; this feature is very convenient when the task you need to complete takes more time.

These are the ideal devices for hiking, camping or night running lovers, but also for workout and relaxing activities. The light provided is similar to that of a LED flashlight but the benefit is in its usage. You can easily find numerous models of LED headlamps on Eachbuyer and you will get your favorite products delivered wherever you want to as they have worldwide free shipping service.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Get The Best Variety Of Custom Jewelry At The Best Rate

The best jewelries are always tagged with high price. This is common for all the things and not only jewelries. When the question of the custom jewellry Toronto comes, the price even crosses the limit of all the things. You must be thinking to get the best jewellry redesign Toronto at the best rate and that also with the best designs. Some of the key areas that you must not miss while checking the variety of the designs has been discussed in this article. You can get the best idea about them from this article content.
Faults in design
The first thing that you must check is the finishing touch of the jewelry. The custom jewellry Toronto might look perfect from all angles, but you must not choose that by the looks. Get it near to the eye and find out is there any junction missing in any of the designs. It happens that the mould remains tight while it is new and later it gets loose and the design is lost slowly. Thus check that out perfectly before getting the custom made jewellry back to your home. The most important varieties that you must check in that aspect are the necklaces and the bangles. You can check the same from the online portal of the service provider at This will help you to know what will be available there and at what rate you will get the service.

Check the metals used
The next key thing that you must check is the metal that is used in the jewelry. Check that whether that is made of the white metal or gold, if you have given the order like that. It is better to get the things from the branded showrooms and from the licensed custom jewellry designer Toronto, to avoid the duplicity like these. If you have ordered for plating, then check the plating by testing it. If you are getting the thing from a branded showroom then there will be no hazard related to these things since they provide a guarantee for the plating.

Check the charges
The third thing that you must check is the expensive metal that has been inserted in it. There is the place where the customers are mainly fooled. Thus check the hallmark or the ISO mark, if that is made from a genuine custom jewellry designer Toronto. It is better to get the custom made jewellry from the branded showroom. There you will get the things at the fixed rate and you will get a lot of varieties in the designs too. The cost of the jewellry redesign Toronto is also less there since they are making the jewelries at bulk. The licensed small jewelry makers do not get so many orders and thus their service charges are more.

You must also check the prices and the different payment options from the online portal and if possible get through the user reviews before making the order.
We can assure you that if you select this company for buying Custom Jewellery then that will be the best decision for you and here you will get the your dream jewellery with best designs and best price.


Friday, 5 June 2015

Find The Best Hiking Boots For Men

Feet are the most important asset of your body. In fact, the whole healthy foundation of the body depends on healthy feet. If the feet are injured or have health issues then whole body will suffer. You not only face difficulties in walking but also you could not able to perform everyday activities.
If you are a hiker and hiking is the most important activity in your life then taking good care of your feet is even more important to you as feet are the most valuable asset in your hiking equipment. If your feet are healthy then hiking will be a pleasant experience for you otherwise you will suffer a lot.
Hiking is the most common hobby of many men out there and having proper hiking boots is very important. Good hiking boots are very important during your hiking journey to keep your feet happy and healthy. Below I share with you the importance of hiking boots and from where you can find good quality hiking boots for men.
What are Hiking Boots?
Hiking boots, also sometimes known as walking boots or hiking shoes are specifically designed and manufactured for hiking purposes. The quality of hiking boots is very important in the hiking as it determines the ability to cover longer distances, move faster and travel safe.
Hiking boots are designed specially to provide comfort in walking long distances and over rough paths and terrain. These shoes are made from hard soul to protect the feet of the hiker from stones, mud, water, etc.

Hiking boots are usually large, heavy boots with hard heel and thick sole is the best choice for hiking.
These boots give strong support to the feet while travelling and protect the ankle from injuries. It is always recommended not to wear hiking boots that are too tight or too loose so that the feet do not get injured or get blisters.

Hiking shoes are also commonly used for a number of activities besides hiking like climbing, hunting, backpacking, mountaineering, etc.

Importance of Hiking Boots:
Hiking boots are very much important accessory when you are going for hiking. Following are some of the arguments that will convince you about the importance of hiking boots:
  • Good quality hiking boots ensure the comfort of the hiker.
  • With hiking boots, the distance covered by the hiker will be longer.
  • The hiking experience would be safe by wearing hiking boots.
  • Hiking boots give support to the ankle and save it from getting strained.
  • Hiking boots are made of thick material to protect the feet from stones and injuries.
  • Boots will help you keep your feet warm and away from moisture.
  • Hiking boots are a must for unforgettable hiking experience without getting your feet swelled and getting blisters and sour feet.
Author’s Bio:
Nick is a hiker and have experience of buying several hiking boots from different shoe stores. You can also visit the link to know more about shoe online store in Canada.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Best Pipe Repair Service Provider In Toronto

If you are having difficulties repairing pipes and are looking for drain repairing services and in search of a good company then I have a pretty good suggestion for you. If you are tired of searching in every corner of the town then trust me I also have gone through this situation a few days back. My kitchen was going through drain pipe problems and was looking for a quality plumbing corporation to solve the problem.
It took a while for me to find a reputable company offering plumbing issues in town and then I found A & V Drain Corporation which is the most amazing company offering pipe repair services in Toronto. Now I suggest this plumbing company to all my friends and family whenever they need a plumbing service and they all gets satisfied with their service.

Introduction about A & V Drain Corporation:
A & V Drain Corporation is a business owned by a family of Toronto and having its roots in the plumbing grounds. The company is serving the people for more than 7 years. It is situated in the heart of Toronto. The company is famous for providing the high quality service and customer satisfaction to the people.

Drain installation, repairing and maintenance, water proofing and plumbing solutions are some of the key interest areas of the company. The company is also offering emergency services to the people 24 hours and 7 days of the week. You can contact them on their number or direct request online through their website to schedule a meeting with the professionals to get a free estimate about the plumbing matters.

The special discount rates offered by the firm for the seniors and returned customers is also an amazing chance for the clients. All the building code requirements are met in their services and the customers are only charged according to per job and not for the hours they work. The clients are charged for solving the issue and not for identifying the issue.

Pipe Repair Services Offered by A & V Drain Corporation:
A & Drain Corporation is famously known for providing an extensive range of services in a number of related fields of pipe repairing ad plumbing. If you want to get detailed information about the company you can visit drain repair services in Toronto. Following is a list of the services they offer in the category of drain pipes repairs:
  • Clearing clogged drains
  • Drain repairing and installation
  • High pressure application for water jetting
  • Toilet, kitchen and other drain snaking
  • Installation of grease tanks
  • Installation and maintenance of sump pumps
  • Removal of tree roots
  • Installation and maintenance of sewage pumps
  • Installation of floor drains
  • Installation, repairing maintenance and replacement of catch basin
  • Video camera inspections of drains and pipes
  • Locating pipelines before renovation
  • Installation and maintenance of backwater valves
Author’s Bio:
Seibel is an artist and offers value to the people by reviewing products and services she like to help people.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Burglars Real Intent When Breaking In

The most widely recognized risk to our house is burglary. As per the FBI, a Burglary happen some place in the United States at regular intervals. Burglary is characterized by Florida statute "as entering a building or movement with the goal of committing an act in that". The statute goes ahead to say that robberies are normally perpetrated when the abode is empty, yet ought to the occupants be exhibit, the statute conveys a more genuine accusation and much stiffer criminal discipline rules.
Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a masked man mucking about in residential areas, looking for an easy snatch? Wonder no more. Burglar psychology is an intimidating topic, but analyzing the perspective of home intruders can help us determine how to best guard against them. UNC Charlotte researcher Joseph Kuhns from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology recently conducted a survey of over 400 convicted offenders. His study, "Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender's Perspective" resulted in an enlightening look into the minds and methods of burglars.

Surveyed offenders indicated that the top reasons for committing burglaries were related to the need to acquire drugs (51 percent) or money (37 percent), which was often used to support drug habits. Contrary to popular belief, most burglars do not enter homes with the intent to steal firearms. Only one offender indicated that this had been his intent. Drug use was the most frequently reported motive given by women at 70 percent, while men cited money as their biggest motivation.

Approximately 83 percent of intended home burglars attempt to determine whether or not an alarm is present before attempting a burglary--and 60 percent choose an alternative target if an alarm is found to be present. Furthermore, in the event that an alarm is discovered during the course of a burglary, half reported they would immediately retreat, 31 percent said they sometimes would--and only 13 percent claimed they would continue with the attempt regardless.

When selecting a target, most burglars said they considered the close proximity of people, traffic and police officers; the lack of escape routes and signs of increased security--including alarm signs, alarms, dogs and outdoor cameras or other security equipment. Both men and women indicated that evidence of alarms or security equipment was a sure deterrent in target selection. Other deterrents include home occupation, entry difficulty, perceived reaction of neighbors and other indications of territorial concern. This can include anything from the presence of dogs to simple stickers and signs indicating the use of security.

Regardless of the possibility that you can't bear the cost of a completely security system, a visual obstruction is likewise successful. Place stickers in clear view on your property. Grow  thornyplants underneath your windows. Put resources into fake security cams to invigorate your living space. Get a dog! These things are demonstrated to help keep expected criminals far from your haven. When we comprehend where these desperate people are originating from, we can best decide how to make the danger of breaking and entering appear to be far more prominent than the prize.

Home security is important. Knowing the mindset of burglars and invaders can help you determine how to best protect your territory. Visual deterrents are inexpensive and highly effective. Try cleverly positioned fake security cameras around your home exterior and experience peace of mind.

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